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A recurring issue at conferences and seminars is the underwhelming number of URM speakers giving talks. A commonly cited reason for this is not knowing who to invite. To that end, we’ve begun compiling a list of prominent URM researchers across every field of STEM and Medicine. We hope that conference organizers can use this list as a resource when inviting speakers. However we hope that organizers use this list conscientiously. There is a well-known, and well-documented, issue of “tokenism”, i.e. the idea that women and underrepresented minority researchers are included to give an appearance of diversity. We would like to stress that a diverse conference is not just about representation of minority speakers but also about creating an environment that is conducive to sharing ideas and collaborating. See our “Best practices” page for tips on how to create an inclusive environment.

Finally, we would like to stress that: 
(i) Speakers on our list should be compensated properly for their time.
(ii) We are not the only resource out there! Check out this database for more lists of underrepresented researchers.
(iii) Our list is mainly nomination based (we then reach out to the researchers for their consent to be featured on the list). Please consider nominating yourself or others to be on the list! You can do so here or by emailing us at dscnatl@gmail.com.

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Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology Dr. D'Juan Farmer Post-doc Dr. Farmer investigates skeletal stem cell development and how bone growth is dysregulated in craniosynostosis, a disease in which skull bones fuse prematurely. Research Page basic research, stem cell research, development, bone, craniosynostosis
Biophysics, Immunology Dr. Christopher Barnes Post-doc Dr. Barnes investigates possible therapeutic interventions targeting the HIV-1 envelope and SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein, using crystallographic and electron microscopy techniques. LinkedIn SARS-CoV-2, viral envelope, antibodies, cryoEM
Genetics Dr. Ketema Paul Professor The Paul lab investigates the genetic regulation of sleep, specifically looking at the underlying genetic mechanisms of sleep disorders and any possible sex differences in sleep abnormalities. Faculty Page Sleep regulation, sleep-wake disorder, forward genetics, mouse models
Neuroscience Dr. Sheryl Arambula Post-doc Dr. Arambula's research broadly focuses on how environmental factors affect sex-specific neurodevelopment. Currently, she is investigating mechanisms of brain injury arising from birth complications, specifically looking at hypoxia ischemia and its impact on cerebellum development. ResearchGate brain injury, toxicology, development, neuroendocrine, immunology, gender/sex
Ecology, Marine Biology Dr. Emily Choy Post-doc I study the ecophysiology and food web ecology of Arctic beluga whales and seabirds and the impacts of climate change. Research Page Polar biology, ecophysiology, ecotoxicology, marine mammal, seabirds, Arctic biology, food web ecology, ecotoxicology, community-based research, marine mammal science, seabird ecology, climate change
Neuroscience Dr. Federico Sanabria Associate Professor The Sanabria Lab investigates the cognitive processes underlying behavioral regulation, specifically looking at the role of timing, choice, and response inhibition capacity (RIC). Faculty Page mental health, ADHD, substance abuse, motivation, learning, impulsivity, response inhibition capacity (RIC), depression, Ritalin, methylphenidate, nicotine, olfactory
Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Dr. Juana Mendenhall Associate Professor The Mendenhall lab develops and fabricates a variety of materials (i.e. thermo-sensitive hydrogels, sol-gels, etc) to be used in articular cartilage-subchondral bone interfaces in patients with osteoarthritis. Lab Website osteoarthritis, synovial fluid, bone, hyaluronic acid, biomaterials
Biochemistry, Gerontology/Geroscience, Health Equity, Proteomics Dr. Christina King Post-doc Dr. King investigates racial disparities in hypertension and Alzheimer's disease using plasma proteomics. Research Page basic research, hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, aging
Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology Dr. Florentine (Flora) Rutaganira Post-doc Dr. Rutaganira uses chemical tools to decipher the roles of key signaling networks in choanoflagellates, single-celled organisms that are the closest living relatives of animals. Dr. Rutaganira expects her studies will spark new understanding of animal multicellularity & development, physiology, and disease. Lab website choanoflagellates, kinases, chemical biology, cell signaling, chemical probe, multicellularity, phosphorylation
Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology Dr. Michelle Juarez Assistant Professor The Juarez lab investigates the transcriptional regulation of various genes - including those implicated in innate immunity - that occurs following epidermal wounds. Faculty Page drosophila, genetics, developmental biology, innate immunity, transcription, regulation, microscopy