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A recurring issue at conferences and seminars is the underwhelming number of URM speakers giving talks. A commonly cited reason for this is not knowing who to invite. To that end, we’ve begun compiling a list of prominent URM researchers across every field of STEM and Medicine. We hope that conference organizers can use this list as a resource when inviting speakers. However we hope that organizers use this list conscientiously. There is a well-known, and well-documented, issue of “tokenism”, i.e. the idea that women and underrepresented minority researchers are included to give an appearance of diversity. We would like to stress that a diverse conference is not just about representation of minority speakers but also about creating an environment that is conducive to sharing ideas and collaborating. See our “Best practices” page for tips on how to create an inclusive environment.

Finally, we would like to stress that: 
(i) Speakers on our list should be compensated properly for their time.
(ii) We are not the only resource out there! Check out this database for more lists of underrepresented researchers.
(iii) Our list is mainly nomination based (we then reach out to the researchers for their consent to be featured on the list). Please consider nominating yourself or others to be on the list! You can do so here or by emailing us at dscnatl@gmail.com.

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Biomedical Engineering, Genetics Dr. Aaron Streets Associate Professor The Streets Lab utilizes microfluidics, microscopy, and genomics to investigate molecular and cellular processes on the single cell level. Additionally, they apply mathematics, physics and engineering concepts to develop new tools to probe interactions of molecules inside the cell. Lab Website microscopy, microfluidics, single cell
Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Dr. Nicholas Ball Associate Professor The Ball Laboratory is interested in developing new metal-catalyzed/-mediated organic reactions. In particular we are interested in using sulfur (VI) fluorides as a more air and water stable alternative to traditional synthesis of sulfur-based organic molecules. Lab Website Organometals, Catalytic reactions
Biophysics, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Virology Dr. Elizabeth Villa Assistant Professor The Villa group investigates the structure and function of macromolecular complexes in their natural environment, specifically looking at the nuclear periphery. Lab Website macromolecules, proteomics, cytoskeleton, nuclear envelope, nucleus
Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Dr. Clarissa Valdez Post-doc Dr. Valdez investigates the mechanisms of tau aggregation and propagation in iPSC-derived neurons. Research Page Alzheimer's Disease, Tau protein, neurodegeneration
Equity/Advocacy, Public Health Dr. Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha Associate Professor The ​MOTHER Lab (Maternal Outcomes for Translational Health Equity Research lab investigates health disparities in maternal health, reproductive health and infant mortality. Faculty Page social determinants of health, maternal health, infant mortality, HIV, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Neuroscience Dr. Christopher Blackwood Post-doc Dr. Blackwood investigates the neural underpinnings of opioid use disorder with the goal of designing therapeutic interventions. Google Scholar substance use, addiction, mental health, stem cells, neurodevelopment, interneurons
Earth Sciences Dr. Christopher Jackson Professor The Basins Research Group (BRG) investigates the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins. Faculty Page tectonics, sedimentology, structural geology, geophysics
Environmental Science & Resource Conservation, Equity/Advocacy Dr. Karletta Chief Associate Professor, Extension Specialist The Chief lab investigates how watershed hydrology, unsaturated flow in arid environments and human disturbances affect soil hydrology. She also looks at how Indigenous communities will be affected by climate change. Faculty Page watershed, hydrology, arid environments, soil, Indigenous, climate change
Dermatology, Education/Pedagogy Dr. Jamie Parker Adjunct Professor The Parker group investigates innovative pedagogical approaches to engaging college-aged students in STEM, specifically looking at the role of music and rap battles in education. Dr. Parker also investigates how to regrow hair naturally, improve blood flow within the hypoderm, and repair damaged skin. LinkedIn music, rap battles, university-level, hair growth, hypoderm
Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Dr. Caroline Palavicino-Maggio Post-doc The Palavicino-Maggio researches the neural circuitry of female aggression. LinkedIn Aggression, Females, Behavior, Drosophila