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A recurring issue at conferences and seminars is the underwhelming number of URM speakers giving talks. A commonly cited reason for this is not knowing who to invite. To that end, we’ve begun compiling a list of prominent URM researchers across every field of STEM and Medicine. We hope that conference organizers can use this list as a resource when inviting speakers. However we hope that organizers use this list conscientiously. There is a well-known, and well-documented, issue of “tokenism”, i.e. the idea that women and minorities are included to give an appearance of diversity. We would like to stress that a diverse conference is not just about representation of minority speakers but also about creating an environment that is conducive to sharing ideas and collaborating. See our “Best practices” page for tips on how to create an inclusive environment.

We are not the only resource out there! Check out this database for more lists of underrepresented researchers.

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Neuroscience Dr. Ruth Barrientos The Ohio State University Associate Professor The Barrientos Lab investigates the vulnerabilities of the normal aging brain that, when challenged (i.e. with infection, surgery, high-fat diet, etc), lead to exaggerated neuroinflammation and long-lasting memory deficits. Lab Website aging, infection, long-term memory, neuroinflammation
Bioinformatics, Microbiology Dr. Phillip Brooks 10X Genomics Senior Scientist Dr. Brooks investigates bioinformatics and applied microbiology within the biotechnology sector. LinkedIn Microbiome, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics
Health Equity, Physical Rehabilitation, Psychology Dr. Susan Flowers Benton Southern University at Baton Rouge Assistant Professor The Flowers Benton lab investigates how to create more inclusive health promotion interventions, in order to address disparities in chronic illness and aging, and also investigates how researchers can build stronger relationships with the community to increase African American participation in Alzheimer's Disease and other biomedical research. health equity, research participation, Alzheimer's Disease, Rehabilitation Psychology
Epigenetics, Neuroscience Dr. Sebastian Alvarado CUNY - Queens College Assistant Professor I study how environmental stimuli program gene function and its relation to behavior and pigmentation. Lab Website Pigmentation, Epigenetics, Behavior, DNA methylation, Histone modification
Applied Mathematics, Health Equity, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer, Stochastics, Systems Engineering Dr. Jessye Leigh Bemley Talley Morgan State University Assistant Professor The Talley group investigates problems that identify vulnerabilities and disruptions that occur within supply chains to develop intervention or mitigation strategies that optimize the total system. Lab Website supply chain, cost analysis, Markov chains, queueing theory, port disruption, humanitarian relief, healthcare, Operations Research
Equity/Advocacy, Nursing Dr. Timian Godfrey The University of Arizona Clinical Assistant Professor Timian Godfrey research interests include health care promotion in American Indian/Alaska Native communities and how we can culturally adapt evidence-based practices for these patient populations. Additional interests include investigating the science behind diversity, equity and inclusion in health science education to increase the presence of underrepresented scientists and clinicians in STEM fields. Faculty Page American Indian, Indigenous, Alaska Native, social determinants of health, cultural competence
Health Equity, Public Health, Research Ethics Dr. Stephanie Russo Carroll The University of Arizona Assistant Professor The Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance develops research, policy, and practice innovations for Indigenous data sovereignty. The lab’s research, teaching, and engagement seek to transform institutional governance and ethics for Indigenous control of Indigenous data, particularly within open science, open data, and big data contexts. Lab Website Indigenous, policy, data sovereignty
Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology Dr. Antonio Tinoco Valencia Harvard University Post-doc Dr. Tinoco Valencia's research focuses on the discovery of microbial biochemical reactions occurring in the human gut microbiome, the characterization of new microbial enzymes, and investigating the impact of microbial metabolism on human health and disease. LinkedIn human microbiome, microbial metabolism, mechanistic enzymology, bioorganic chemistry, biological engineering
Developmental Psychology Dr. Viridiana Benitez Arizona State University Assistant Professor Dr. Benitez is a developmental psychologist studying attention, learning, language, and bilingualism Lab Website Word Learning, Statistical Learning, Attention, Memory, Bilingualism
Equity/Advocacy, Public Health Dr. Linda Burhansstipanov Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR) President Dr. Burhansstipanov investigates cancer healthcare in Native American communities and is the founder of the Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR). NATA Website Cancer, health equity, genetics, Indigenous, Native American, education, outreach